Bull Creek Hand Sanitizer 16oz Bottle


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**Due to container shortages, call for availability prior to placing your order.

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The formula for production is WHO (World Health Organization) & FDA (Food and Drug Administration) authorized and approved.

Bull Creek Distillery is using the exact directive from the WHO to cut 96% ethanol with just enough 3% Hydrogen Peroxide & 98% Glycerin that when adding cooled, boiled water, and a hint of lavender scent the End-Product is 80% Alcohol

It has no other dyes, colors, or gels added, so the product itself looks like water.

As this product is a liquid, we recommend using a spray bottle/nozzle, however due to the high demand in the market place we are not able to provide this type of product.


— 32-Ounce Bottles
— 64-Ounce Bottles
— 1-Gallon Buckets
— 5-Gallon Buckets
— 55-Gallon Drums
— 275-Gallon Totes

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